About Us

Isla Healing is a small business dedicated to helping people heal, grow, and evolve. 

Our mission is to help people reach for their highest self through meditation and holistic healing practicesWe are currently working on opening a Sound Bath Studio in Guam, and plan to launch a Bad Bitches Heal Too™ podcast. Our podcast will grant a platform for people to share stories about an adversity they faced and how they overcame it. Many of us experience similar traumas, yet no one teaches us how to heal from them, so it's important for us to share stories that will help others realize we are all going through things we don't speak of, and working on healing different parts of ourselves every single day.

Healing is a journey we don't have to face alone, and it's our mission to share this message with the world.

By Megan Temerowski ~ January 2023

Aloha & Håfa Adai, thank you so much for taking the time to learn more about our small business. My partner, Angel, and I have been working on Isla Healing since 2022, and your support means the world to us!

I was born and raised on the island of Guam, where life is simple and very warm. Guam has a population of 170k people, so you can imagine that when I moved to California I had a huge culture shock due to my change in environment. 

After a year of living in California, I began to feel very lonely and ungrounded because I had no family nearby, or an ocean that I was comfortable swimming in, so I began to make the effort to leave the mainland. Before doing so, I came across Jhené Aiko's Tiny Desk in 2020, and after watching the concert, I felt incredibly grounded. I felt like Jhené hypnotized me into healing, so I became very curious about what could have done this. I noticed Jhené began and ended her concert by playing translucent bowls, and behold, I discovered sound healing. I went on to search "Sound Healing near me" and began going to sound baths in Venice Beach for the next two years.

I became fascinated with sound therapy, and wanted to be able to give myself sound baths at home, so I got certified in Sound Healing in 2022, and have absolutely fallen in love with creating the space for people to heal. I taught classes at the Calming Spot in Santa Monica and held private sound baths for those in need, so I am very excited to bring my experience to Guam and share this beautiful practice with our community.

Whilst in California, I began growing the apparel side of Isla Healing. The idea of Bad Bitches Heal Too™ came to mind during a sound bath, so it's incredible to see the creativity that sound healing produces while connecting to your inner self. We've sold over 206 sweaters so far and hope to continue sharing this message that everyone heals, even the strongest warriors need to take time to heal too. This is the start of a beautiful journey, so I want to thank you again, from the bottom of my heart, for being a part of it all.